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.: Welcome to the Mediazoo

Providing New Media News and Information since 1997.

Thank you for visting the MediaZoo web site. We are currently rebuilding the entire site - it's about time after 16 years.

MediaZoo was the second incarnation of a tech radio show, the first being the Satellite Surgery. After spells at the BBC, LBC and more Eric now gets as much tech as possible in the RTI show Postcard From Poprad, playing NOW!

There's still lots to be added, so drop by again to see what the latest creation or service is soon.




Eric Wiltsher - Poprad, Slovak Republic

Leigh Banks - Somewhere in the UK

Rachel Brunsden - down there, up there, in Queesland

RTI was born on 09 April 2005, although the idea was created several years earlier. Since the enforced closure of RTI-FM the station is kept alive by a small group of highly respected and dedicated volunteer broadcast professionals.

.: Things you should know and LOVE!


If you don't like this show, we suggest a trip to the Vets

BBC Click

Not a bad show, needs a dose of TopGear Production though


.: Anorak Heaven

Analogue Tetetext  2004 - Ross Revenge  Where Are They Now  The Radio Ships

Jingle Junkies

1. The Rosko Set +++   2. RTI then and now

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