How to get quicker rank by using long tail keywords

Long tail refers

Long tail refers to a less searched and more specific keywords or phrase. For example, when people are looking for something over the internet, they will search with several words or phrases into the search box of the search engine to locate the exact products and services they want. So we can say that long tail keywords or phrases are those that are made of three or more words.

Many newbies in the field of search engine optimization believe that using long tail keyword is pointless and is a complete waste of valuable time. Your online business strategy is totally dependent on the effective research of key words.

Website visitors

The desire of getting more visitors to visit your site is not possible if keyword research is not accurately done. So in order to churn the complete benefit it is important that you provide the nearest search term.

As for example, if you type the word ‘Piano’ in the search box it might mean that you are looking for someone who will teach you how to play piano or it may also mean that you are interested in buying a piano.

So, in this case, a long tail keyword is important, so if you are looking for easy piano lessons, type ‘how to play the piano’, which is more specific and you can be guided to those websites that offer piano lessons.

SEO search terms

Long tail keywords are helpful for that website that wants to rank higher on the SERPs as these search terms have low competition rates. So, there are many benefits that you can get from applying them. Most good companies who are into SEO Ireland practise this trend to bring the website of their clients among the top search pages and hence they are considered among the best SEO companies across the globe.

Google suggest is a amazing source of profitable long tail keywords that will help you in immense lead generation for your business. For this, at first you have to go to the Google.com, which is the main website of Google. Google Suggest will examine the key word which you post into the search query and provide you a list of appropriate phrases.

 This is done very quickly. For instance, if you are searching for a ‘Dog House’ then you will get related key phrases such as ‘Dog House Outdoor’, ‘Dog House Plans’ etc. You have to collect all the important keywords available and save them for the optimisation process of your site.

There are also various software applications which you can use for doing research work on long tail keywords. You have to remember that there is a lot of competition for the short tail keywords, but there will always be less competition for long tail keywords.

Instead of spending all of your efforts focusing on the small keywords or phrases, spend some of your time to find long tail phrases. These are phrases with less search volume and also with less competition.