We have always felt that it was unfair that so many people have not had the opportunity to learn about finance. We decided that we would change this by putting together this website to help people to learn more. We know that it takes a lot of learning to get to grips with everything that you need to know but hope that this website will be the first step in starting to do this. We have put together some articles to start to guide people in the right direction. We hope that by explaining more about how different products work and the thought process that we should be going through when we are choosing them, that will help people to be able to know what to choose when looking at new ones. We also hope that we can help people to think things through harder and make decisions that will suit them. We know that this is not easy but hope that by reading our articles, people will be able to start to think in the right way and then they will be able to improve their situation. We hope that we can reach lots of people and therefore help lots of people to make the necessary changes so that their finances are brought back on track again.