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Slovak Embassy - London

Thank you for visting the MediaZoo web site. Here you will find links to places such as Train2Game endorsed by TIGA. Plus RTI, Cix and more - plus reliable new media news sources and a place for DJs to get help - enjoy your stay.

Tech Savy Slovakia, an article by Eric Wiltsher


Guy Kewney

Guy has forgotten more about computing than some so-called Experts know. Often getting into trouble for telling it the way it is, Guy launched his Wireless news service in 2002. Click  on the link above to view his latest articles.

The Fleet Street Forum is a  meeting place for any and all UK media professionals. It started as a Compuserve forum and ventured out into the open because it seemed like a better way to do things - a presumption later proved by the fact that nobody has heard of Compuserve any more

A very basic web page for working DJs that need things quickly. Everything from birthdays to music news, jokes, charts and more. To access the MZ Information page click here Information

For the latest news and programme info from RTI please - CLICK HERE .   Facebook is now home to the RTI Fan & Group Pages Facebook

The Industry Related N ew Media Web Site


If you don't like this show, we suggest a trip to the Vets

BBC Click

Not a bad show, needs a dose of TopGear Production though

Cuil Search

A group of ex search engine people that claim to be the bigest ever

Sky Tech News

Technofile is a good funky show, along side Sky Online Tech News

BBC Tech News

Good news source but sometims a bit behind the times


Train2Game Forum for more




RTI Podcasting

Radio with Soul


The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh State Visits to Slovakia

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Jingle Junkies

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